Job Openings for English Teachers, Study and Work in Xian




Olive Branch English Program in Faithful International Training Center has job opening for year 2019. We are looking for English teachers with professional skills in teaching and a heart for serving. As a professional education entity with a vision to serve people and impact the society, we are looking forward to working together with you here in Xi’an, China.


Job information:

Class subject               : English (speaking, listening, reading, writing)

Curriculum                   : Currently using our World system (National Geographic) and story books. Curriculum may change periodically. 

                                     Sample lesson plans are available and teachers need to adapt.

Students                      : children aged 4 -12 (classes will be arranged according to similar level)

Teaching hours            : 560 teaching hours a year (around 14 hours a week) / or      

                                     800 teaching hours a year (around 20 hours a week)

Class setting                : 50 minutes a lesson, 8-10 children in one class. Each class comes to school 1-2 times, Each time children have 2 lessons. 

Office Hours                : 10 hours, extra time may be needed at home for lesson prep

Work Content              : class time, office work, team meetings and recruitment activities. (Normally from Tuesday to Saturday)

Demo Lessons            : Periodically teachers may need to do demo lessons for recruitment activities

Work Environment       : Work situation American principal regular consulting; Chinese staff work support; 

                                       In school work as team with Chinese staff, friendly atmosphere; out school international community and fellowship

Probation                     : Two months’ probation period, depending on performance teachers may be required to participate in additional training time.

Length                          : Minimum requirement is one-year commitment

Begin date                   : The contract work starts 2 weeks before each semester opening day (Opening day normally on March 1st or September 1st) for 12 months.



l  Salary: for 14 teaching hours per week job, 66000 RMB after Chinese tax annual salary (5500 per month for 12 months) (1 month holiday in winter around Spring Festival, 4 weeks holiday arranged through mutual agreement) / Extra hour payment (150 RMB per hour for extra hour beyond 560 hours); 

l  Salary: for 20 teaching hours per week job 95,000 RMB after Chinese tax annual salary (7916 RMB per month for 12 months) / Extra hour payment (150 RMB per hour for extra hour beyond 800 hours); 

l  Round trip international flight ticket for one-year contract (up to 10,000 RMB reimbursement. Upon arrival get reimbursement for arrival ticket, and when contract teaching work is completed get reimbursement for departure ticket);

l  Work visa cost: only cover the applicant, not the family. (Applicant pays his/her own DHL and health check)

l  All Chinese public holidays, plus 1 extra day holiday on Christmas

l  All Sundays will be time off and no works will be arranged.

l  3 days retreat in the mountain around May with all school staff

l  Gifts at certain Chinese festivals (mid-autumn festival and New Year, annual meeting banquet)

l  2 hours FREE Chinese language lesson available every week.

l  FREE CULTURAL LESSONS in Faithful cultural course


Our aim:

l  Offer high quality children English lessons to small classes of children in order to enhance their English language skills and build trusting relationships;

l  Cooperate with people who have a burden to provide parenting courses, and other training to help parents follow good principles to educate their children;

l  Reach out to these Chinese children students through English camps and activities, and make a difference in their lives.


1.     Native English speakers

2.     Bachelor’s degree or above

3.     2 years of relevant fulltime teaching experience

4.     Have a TESOL/ TEFL/ CELTA certificate

5.     Willing to be flexible in this starting phase of our program (if we don’t have enough children classes, we might ask you to teach other classes like college students)

6.     You love children, are encouraging and patient and are serious about teaching

7.     Have experience in children’s education is preferred


How to apply:

If you are interested, and fulfill the requirements above, please contact us at office@faithchina.comand send her your:

1.     Resume,

2.     Passport photo

3.     Copy of your certificate of highest degree and

4.     Copy of your passport


Benefits of Studying at Faithful

  • Our teachers are professionally trained and specifically selected to complement your learning style. They are regularly trained to improve their skills and knowledge so that we can maintain our standard of excellence.

  • In consultation with our students we are able to design the best language study program for each student and this also gives them confidence in achieving their language goals.

  • We provide a relaxed learning atmosphere and flexible class time tables.

  • Our unique approach to great Chinese language acquisition is to include our superior Chinese Culture class and this is done bilingually. We guarantee your life and work in China will change when you attend these classes.

  • We are certified to provide you with year round language student visas

  • We commit to provide you with a service that is unmatched in quality and reduces unnecessary administrative stress on your life.