Daily Updates on the Containment of the COVID-19 and Tips for Foreign Expats from Xi'an Municipal Government


The Daily Report on the Progress of the COVID-19

As of 08:00 a.m. Feb. 27th, there had been a total of 245 cumulative confirmed cases(★194 cured cases and 1 death case) in Shaanxi province, including 116 imported cases, 114 close contacts, and 15 cases without close contact. Among all the confirmed cases, 120 cases are in Xi'an(92 cured and discharged cases and 0 suspected cases), 13 cases in Baoji, 17 cases in Xianyang, 8 cases in Tongchuan, 15 cases in Weinan, 8 cases in Yan'an, 3 cases in Yulin, 26 cases in Hanzhong, 26 cases in Ankang, 7 cases in Shangluo, and 1 case in Yangling Agricultural Demonstration Zone and Hancheng each. At present, there are no suspected cases in Shaanxi Province.

In order to win the two battles both in the epidemic prevention and control and the recovery of the social and economic development, foreign invested companies have resumed work and production gradually.  More and more international employees have come back.

 Here are some tips for employers to do after work resumption as following(Sources: official account Beijing Foreigne Affairs on wechat:

If your employees develop symptoms like fever and dry cough, immediately take the following steps:

1) Tell employees with symptoms to put on masks immediately, and keep them in quarantine on site in a single room to avoid close contact with others.

2) Report the case immediately to the epidemic control authorities or the healthcare center of the local community.

3) Infected employees should go to the nearest fever clinic for medical treatment each in a single vehicle instead of taking public transport. Severely infected employees should be sent to the nearest hospital fever clinic by an ambulance (dial 120 for service).

4) Check to ensure that all employees wear masks.

5) Keep track of employees’ activities in Xi'an and their travel history outside Xi'an, monitor their health conditions on a daily basis, keep a log of their body temperatures, and ask anyone showing symptoms like fever and dry cough to refrain from coming to work.

6) Ensure good indoor ventilation. Ventilate office rooms two to three times a day for at least 30 minutes each time. And keep warm.

7) Ensure sufficient sanitation items such as hand-washing facilities, hand sanitizers, and soaps in people’s working and living areas.

8) Maintain good public hygiene, conduct daily ventilation and cleaning, and regularly conduct preventive disinfection of public items and places touched by people. Disinfect places where symptomatic employees stayed.

9) Once a suspected or confirmed case is established, the employer should cooperate with the local center for disease control and prevention in conducting epidemiological investigation, tracking close contacts and carrying out terminal disinfection.

10) Those identified as being close contacts should receive a 14-day medical observation in isolation in a designated place.

What to do with the time you have to stay at home during the epidemic period?

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